Frosty’s Beer Company believe that fun and good fortune can be found at the bottom of a good beer. We specialise in beers of little pretension, beers who welcome you with a hearty hug and a hi five. Just like you deserve!

They come icey cold and promise to pose no opposition as you seek a sensational beer. Worthy drinker, we are your people, and we welcome you, to the world of Frosty’s ‘Fun Time Beer’!

Pale Ale

Bright, light & flavoursome.

The Original Fun Time beer.

Glowing bright and brilliantly gold with a lifted tropical nose to suit. This stuff tastes just like sunshine. Expect a little ANZAC biscuit from the sweet n’ toasty malts. Expect a little fruit salad from the fresh n’ fancy hops… But best of all, expect a striking refreshment thanks to the balance of icey cold slake – ability and fully fledged Frosty’s flavour.

4.4% - Low to medium bitterness

SD Lager

Classic Sydney style Lager of advanced simplicity.

It’s a Lager! Low bitterness, slightly sweet, simply delicious. Expect no questions from this beer, only answers! It’s cold, gold, and about as good as it gets outta’ keg or can.

4.4% - Low bitterness